Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 Onward

The 23rd chapter of my life. Yup. This describes my 2015 perfectly. This post might be a little bit late when Im actually writing this post in the middle (almost middle-lah) of February. New year is on January-lah wa oi! Tak kesahlah kan. But since this is a new chapter for me to walk, run, jump, roll over, fly? (okay ayat cliche giler kau taram wa.) Im expecting so many things to be happened. Tapi iyelahkann. Its me myself who suppose to lead this new chapter which mean im the writer for my own stories. But yes Allah is the best planner after all. But still manusia kena usaha dulu in achieving something baru tawakal berserah berdoa kan? So yaaa. My legs, please do take me to the right path.

May this 23rd year of my life be cheerful, colorful, full-full-full-lahh. Cause I know that I have everything except sorrow. Euhhh. Negative vibe negative vibe. Jadi aku cuma perlu teruskan hidup dengan tawa dan senyuman bersama manusiamanusia yang namanya ada dalam hati aku and vice versa. auww gituhh. 

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